Jane Winters

Developing digital history and digital humanities at the School of Advanced Study

Recent conferences & seminars

Using the archives of the UK web for humanities and social science research – Plenary lecture, From Body Capital to the Internet, Strasbourg, 10-Dec-2018

Working with born digital archives for humanities research – a new challenge – Keynote, Digital Methodologies for Understanding Musical Experience, London, 21-Nov-2018

Digital history and cultural heritage: a question of collaboration? – Keynote, Dansk Historikermode 2018, Helsingor, 21-Aug-2018

Working to define a digital humanities community: local, national and international challenges – Presentation at ‘Searching Questions: Digital Humanities Symposium’, Cambridge, 11-Jul-2018

Digital (public) history: an introduction – Plenary lecture, Public History Summer School, Wrocław, 05-Jul-2018

The Digital Humanities landscape in the UK – Presentation, Digital Culture event, Newcastle, 11-Jun-2018

Humanities and the born digital: moving from a difficult past to a promising future? – Keynote, DH Benelux 2018, Amsterdam, 07-Jun-2018

What difference does digital make? The present (and future) of digital humanities in the UK – Presentation at Exeter Digital Humanities seminar, 25-Apr-2018

Authors and their publishing experiences – Panel session, UP Redux 2018, British Library, 13-Feb-2018

Negotiating web archives: a problem of search? – Presentation, ‘After the Digital Revolution’ workshop, Loughborough London campus, 26-Jan-2018

The use of social media in an academic context – Keynote, HRB Ones 2 Watch conference, Dublin, 26-Oct-2017

Negotiating the archives of UK web space – Digital Humanities seminar, Linnaeus University, Växjö, 17-Oct-2017

Too much information? Negotiating the archives of UK web space – Keynote, Digital Resources for the Arts and Humanities 2017, Plymouth, 11-Sep-2017

Moving into the mainstream: web archives in the press – Presentation at Web Archiving Week conference, London, 16-Jun-2017

Demonstrating the value of internet and web histories – Panel on ‘Internet and web histories’, Web Archiving Week conference, London, 14-Jun-2017

Web archives: truth, lies and politics in the 21st century – Digital Conversations at the British Library, public roundtable, 14-Jun-2017

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